Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ferrari Enzo Modification 2011

Ferrari Enzo Modification 2011

Ferrari Enzo Modification 2011

super exotic, once we present last month as belonging Galadari brothers, wealthy families Dubai Iranian nationals who are literally a half owner of Dubai. Vehicle modifications Gemballa extreme claim was originally prepared to make its debut at Dubai Motor Show, but missed.

This time, Gemballa officially released details of the latest photos as well as MIG-U1 Gemballa made on the basis of Enzo Ferrari, and in fact this vehicle was made not only one, but made a 'limited' only 25 units.

We can only understand if many consider the flow modification is applied to the Enzo is like crazy, because this modification was originally made for the billionaires of Dubai. None of the exterior and interior modifications untouched.

On the other hand, especially Ferrari fans will be disappointed with the view that considers the Enzo is not sacred and original again. They might even think this is a modification of destruction were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Gemballa body modification dodged that they do not just for the exhibition, but also to improve aerodynamics significantly. Hopefully it was all true because they also make changes to the engine computer and exhaust system which makes the vehicle is capable of spewing power of 700hp.

To confirm who the modifiers that do it all, in the legs paired U1 velek MIG mild 'GEMBALLA GTR RACING'. Then the suspension is upgraded using a system of electro-hydraulic control height (HLS) to lift the front snout as it passes through bumps.

Gemballa also touches on the interior by adding a line of luxury device that does not exist on standard Enzo. Among these are the seats and leather-rim steering wheel, Alcantara and carbon fiber. Similarly, coating the door and the ceiling. MIG U1 also has undergone re-touch on the center console with the addition of multimedia systems.

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