Friday, June 10, 2011

Modifikasi Suzuki Shogun 110 1998, Mix Yamaha dan Aprilia

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Modifikasi Suzuki Shogun 110 1998, Mix Yamaha dan Aprilia

Change the look of the motor from the common duck into a futuristic and sporty style, Anggi Rico had a headache. But not until rupture ndase.

Sure there's why. "Because rada difficult indeed looking for an impressive body of Suzuki's futuristic according to my taste," says Rico.

Finally he got dirty desperate modifikasi jupiter mx . The options ahead of Yamaha X1R body. This motor can not be found here because of the circulation in Thailand.

Rico wear full body next to the main light. "That's real pretty, meaning that the plastic material. I lived adjust holder to attach the body," the story of this young man of 20 years.

But, for the affairs of the body behind her brave little extreme. Framework of the stern cut shorter. "This time reference Aprilia RS oxtail," he added. Still according to Rico, a tail with lots of angles like this certainly support the concept of the future earlier. "Material fiberglass, more lightly," said Rico.

But, unfortunately apparently too excited Rico cheating Italian motor body. If according to MOTOR Plus, the dipiilih sepatbor design, it does not fit with the concept of a duck like this.

In addition, he also told the evidence in total to imitate the figure of dashing Aprilia. "Even down to select the color paint that is also commonly used or have been a feature of Aprilia. Nah no blame if Suzuki's view is gone completely," said Rico who is also the artist of this painting.

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